"I Said Shut Up!"

Army & Unemployment? …Really?


Alright. This one comes kind of out of left field. For those of you who do not know, I believe firmly, and greatly appreciate military promotions, discounts, and special sales / rates / opportunities. But the little perks here and there, believe me, are not as frequent as you would think. College Students tend to get more perks then military. Being military, I often tend to shop and eat at places who acknowledge service members and veterans. Perhaps it comes from being raised in a military community and family. My Dell Laptop I received a discount on when ordered, and during leave… I emailed the #1 Rated, 5 Star hotel in Seattle… they said “thank you” and offered me a very awesome discounted package. Some movie theaters give military discounts, but I get the “Family Discount” which equals $FREE$ from my brother who is a manager at a theater. Both discounts I enjoy as often as I can. But without a doubt, my favorite discount would be the 10% off Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. I just can’t get enough of them.

Then you’ve got military benefits. These come few and far between, but the ones that are there are pretty amazing.  Everything from Full Medical coverage (family included), Dental Coverage, and driver license perks (the whole “no expiration date” thing is pretty sweet, and in most states if your Drivers license is expired, but you have you’re military license, you’re golden). Then you’ve got big pullers like free college education, The Montgomery GI Bill, or the Post 9/11 GI Bill.  All of which is not limited to college, but can be used for technical training, certificates, and more. The best part is, should you choose to further your education while actively serving, tuition is free and fee’s are often waved, allowing you to save you GI Bill for when you get out. Upon Re-Deployment, I plan to use my Active Status to obtain my Private Helicopter License.

Heck, when you get out of the Army (or respective military branch), you are also entitled to Unemployment… wait… what?! Yeah… This I have some serious beef with. Allow me to explain.

Maybe I’m just an ungrateful ass.  But I really do not believe that someone who is honorably discharged from the Active Duty should be entitled to collect Unemployment. In the most basic of English terms, Unemployment (as far as I understood it), was for people who are fired or laid off from their, or by their employer.  This is understandable, as you could be working for a company for 3 years, have no beef or issues and one day find out it’s your last day. Done deal. No warning. You haven’t been looking for another job, because you’ve been a happy worker for said company for a while. So Unemployment, helps out a little bit while you job hunt. 

The same pathology simply does not apply to those serving in the military and choose to get out. Now, I say choose, because I’m talking about those honorably discharged for now. So let me get this straight…. Joe Blow walks into his recruiters station and says “I want to join the Army”, and he does.  Then he completes his first term of 3 years (because that’s what he selected when he signed up), and decided the Army is good for him. He Re-Enlist for another, oh lets say 5 years. Five years is up. He has now completed 8 years of Active Duty, and decides he wants to go ahead and get out. Someone explain to me why he is entitled to Unemployment?

Lets look at this a little bit more in depth.

First of all. The Military (in case you haven’t figured it out yet) is a very professional organization, that pushes responsibility, maturity, comradery, and professionalism to levels often not found in the civilian world. From Day One in the Army, soldiers are trained and groomed to succeed. If you can think of a ‘self help’ program, the Army has it. Everything from personal finance management, anger management, home buying workshops, alcoholics anonymous… EVERYTHING. You are given responsibilities, and held accountable for your actions, and for the actions and conduct of soldiers under you.  You are given tasks to execute, and with enough time in, assign tasks to be executed. Self Responsibility and forced upon you, and I’ve seen nothing but good things come of it.

So back to Joe Blow, now Staff Sergeant Joe Blow about to get out of the Army. During his 4th year, just after his first reenlistment, he decided this was going to be his final leg.  Or maybe he decided this his last year of his new contract. This means, that Staff Sergeant Joe Blow has seen the end of his military career coming for MONTHS if not YEARS.  The Army isn’t forcing him out. He Choosing to get out.  On top of this… when you are about to get out of the Army, within one year, the Army offers you (on your way out) opportunities for set you up for success in the civilian world. The Program is called ACAP (The Army Career and Alumni Program).

Taken directly from the ACAP Site:

What is ACAP?
ACAP is the Army Career and Alumni Program. It is the Army’s program for assisting Soldiers separating or retiring from the Army as well as their family members and Army Civilians. ACAP also serves veterans and retirees. ACAP services include transition and employment assistance, training, and counseling.

They will help you build you build a sharp resume, and if you inquire, will not only help you out with how to do well for an interview by giving you mock interviews, but will also HELP you find a job, and also has a job placement program. Just another little program Uncle Sam has for soldiers reentering the civilian world.

So… if Guy knows that he’s getting out as often as 4-5 years, sometimes 2-3 before his separation from the military, and chooses to do nothing to prepare him or herself, and get out on a specific date he / she knows WELL in advance… will collect Unemployment?

Am I the only one who see’s something wrong with this picture?

—– Moving slightly to the left. Sort of kinda away from this topic but not really——

Let me give you a brief summary of a real life conversation I had with a soldier roughly 24hours ago regarding this very topic.

Me – “So what is your plan when you get out”
Him – “I’m going to get my Associates Degree, and then go the Medical School and receive a 
           Medical Radiology Degree (or whatever) so I can work in the medical field”
Me – “How do you plan to support yourself through college”
Him – “The GI Bill will give me money for housing, in addition to paying for my school” (Housing 
          allowance will be roughly $1200/mo, possibly higher depending on the area)
Me – “Is that really going to pay for your Apartment, Car Payment, Bills, ect… What about a job?”
Him – “Well I’m also going to collect Unemployment" …[then continued] “…I’m not gonna lie, 
          I’m gonna use it to get high.  I want to get out so I can smoke weed”.

Forgive me if this is premature. But I’ll be damned, if a soldiers, or ANYONE for that matter has the intention on using Unemployment Money for drugs.  We all know it’s being done by people who “legitimately receive unemployment”, but this just takes it to a whole new ball game. I have no problem referring to such individuals as “Low Life’s”, “Scum Bags”, “Scum of the Earth”, or making statements that would put them along the lines of selfish and self centered morons who have no place in this country. A Bold statement? Sure, but they’re a Disgrace to the uniform, and American life.

I have a very low regard for people who use tax payers money (undeservingly or not) for Drugs, legal or not, to get a quick high. And to add on to it, when you’ve done something like that, I could care less about your military accomplishments or awards…  the second that you ( a service member of former) use the hard working American tax dollar, so you can buy a nickel bag (or whatever retarded slang you have now days)… you deserve to be banned from US Soil. 

I do believe the world is going to end in 2012.
Because the generations coming up in today’s world, are full of nothing but young idiotic retards who’s priority is get high, beat women, and listen to stupid rap music. Respect, Health, common sense, and proper English have taken the backseat in modern society.

Have you seen the movie Idiocricy?  That’s a glimpse at our future for real.



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  1. Whittney

    So why do i see so many homeless veterans on the side of the streets of las vegas begging for money?

    September 3, 2010 at 7:10 am

    • I would be surprised if even a quarter of them were actually vets… and homeless. You should see how much they make being pan-handlers. Especially in Vegas where everyone throws money around.

      September 3, 2010 at 10:20 am

  2. Meghan

    I understand your point, but I will say that my husband will be coming home from a year long deployment in Afghanistan and separating very shortly after. It leaves him almost no time to find a job in his field, or even fully unwind from his second tour in a war zone in only 3 years. I don’t see any reason why he should not be able to collect for just as long as it takes to get on his feet, find a job and begin his career and life outside of the army.

    September 23, 2010 at 5:11 pm

  3. Paul

    Fuck you asshole I smoke weed everyday and go to school, and who knows maybe one day my retarded get money from the government ass will be working to save your life in a hospital one day. You want to know something buddy i think your a fucking idiot and I’ll tell you why. Every Joe blow I met in the Army was too stupid to survive the harsh world outside their environment and know this for a fact cause I got out as a Staff Sergeant and every Joe was always telling me “Sergeant ,Sergeant, guess what I reenlisted and I was like really why? Their answer well I started thinking about it and I realized that I don’t know if I’m ready to get out the last 4 years I’ve just drank and hell I’m not established in anyway way,don’t have money but hell they’re giving me an enlistment bonus.

    November 15, 2010 at 10:25 am

    • It is fairly obvious that you smoke weed “everyday”, as ever prevalent in your horribly written (grammatical and just in general) reply to this blog. So I will applaud you on your “attendance” to school, as it is evident that schooling beyond a sixth grade is required. However, I do question your chosen profession in the medical career field, as a medical technician, assistant, nurse, or whatever you are is the number one recommended job for drug users like yourself. The public can rest easy tonight knowing that their life may be handled safely in your uneducated, role model, perfect medical professional example hands…. not.

      Secondly, I hope it felt good throwing out your rank (at time of discharge) out there for all to see. If your military career and leadership ability were half as good as your beautiful tactically and precise written response, I feel it safe to say you did not only the Army, but your country a favor by getting out. Thank you.

      And finally… what was the point of your response?? Or were you too stoned to comprehend or understand anything you wrote…. or… was it because you were stoned that your response made sense. You must be easily distracted.

      …oh look, a butterfly.

      November 17, 2010 at 9:58 am

  4. nigger hater

    your a nigger, so i would never expect you to understand what it takes to be an american, thats why you joined the army, to be a proud nigger, then get out, and be a nurse, excuse me, a trained nigger. nigger.

    November 19, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    • Dear “nigger hater”,
      I love you. I love you because we have so much in common! Like I’m actually not a nigger! LIKE YOU!!! We can hold hands and everything! You see, only half of me is a “nigger”, so we share a common interest in hating half of me. Well.. sometimes.

      You are right. I would never know what it takes to be an American. I only joined for the same beliefs that your Southern Confederate Ass Banging militia fought for…. except… your family (an entire legacy of illiterate and undereducated inbred child molesters and rapist)lost. Your family must not, and continues to not know what it takes to be an American… let alone a proud one. So look… that’s another thing we have in common!!! Please… excuse my sarcasm.

      Also, it is a statistical fact that 1) there are more “white” people who not only serve in the military, but also the medical field. An equal percentage who use the military to train them in the medical field and then get out…. Damn crackers, excuse me, trained crackers…. is it snack time yet?

      Finally, if you’re sad and depressed because you’re a failure in everybody’s eyes, to include your own, your parents, family, dog, and cat… I would encourage you seek some sort of counseling. But then again, that WOULD require you to leave the comfort of your craigslist purchased and stained arm-chair that sits on broken legs in your 1926 Trailer Coach (that would be a “trailer home” as your uneducated inbred, ‘blast’ taking in the ass by your father inbred princess).

      I would encourage you to also get a job…. and education… desperately. Are you mad because you’ll never be as successful as me? That you’ll never have a family who loves you the same why my family loves me? Are you sad because my father doesn’t pound my butt, spewing pure racist rage into your loins, and feel the need to exhale said racist rage on the World Wide Web. And THEN hide behind a false name because the truth of the matter is, you’re not only ashamed of the fact that your a closest homosexual… *ahem*… I mean racist, but if your black girlfriend found out you were… it would break her heart, and you would have to move out of your trailer-park, and far from the state of Colorado. Wait… YOU CAN AFFORD THE INTERNET?! Impressive.

      I feel sad for you the same way I feel sad for a stranded puppy. I want to adopt you and make you all better and everything.

      Oh and by the way… I don’t want to be a nurse. If you finished the 3rd grade and had ever learned how to read (or write, your punctuation and grammar are HORRIBLE), you would have known that. Then there is a remote possibility that you may have come off looking at least 10% less of a retard. At least you then would have been a “well educationally trained” racist.

      It just occurred to me… Did you find this Blog searching for information on how to collect your unemployment? How comical.

      But we all can’t be perfect can we?
      Well… except for me… because I have an extra muscle that makes me stronger, faster, and smarter then you right?

      November 20, 2010 at 9:24 am

  5. Shara

    I just want to say that my husband will be getting out this time next year. He has been in for almost 10 years and is in Iraq serving his 4th tour. He wants to start working as soon as he gets out, but if he can’t find a job right away, he will be filing for unemployment. I see nothin wrong with it as long as he’s trying to find a job while collecting and not sitting on his ass playing video games like most guys do.

    December 1, 2010 at 3:59 am

  6. I think the point of this posting has been lost to defensive emotions. Shara and Meghan – I understand your stand point of “my husband just got back from, or is at War, and unemployment would be nice”. That is not what the post is targeting. I can and do agree that receiving unemployment would be nice… for everyone.

    First – Unemployment was created for those who suddenly find themselves out of work because they were fired, usually not knowing the termination was coming. These people do not have the resources available to them that soldiers have… ie: ACAP.

    Second: Regarding ACAP – ACAP if and when utilized properly can place you, or find you a fair job quickly and efficiently, so long as you put work into it.

    Third: If someone with almost 10years of experience is leaving the Army, I would hope they are aware of the advantage they have when it comes to contacts for jobs (especially if on 4th deployment). Most people especially with that much experience, traditionally have a job locked in up a 3-6th months prior to getting out.

    Fourth: My main issue, is that there are people who really solely rely on Unemployment due to no fault of their own, and aggressively seek employment. My main concern, is the military is a contract job. A person knows years in advance, when exactly they are getting out, and I hold that same individual accountable for finding a job when they are at least a year out.

    Fifth: Soldiers are also can receive Terminal Leave, again I charge the individual with planning ahead and saving said days which can add up to almost three months of “being out of the Army” while still receiving normal pay allowing adequate time WITH pay to find a job.

    I don’t think that it isn’t nice that soldiers receive unemployment. I do however, think that the system and grounds for receiving unemployment is unfair (obviously weighing in favor of soldiers). It would be like a boss saying “Hey Joe, I’m going to fire you three months, just a heads up”, and then Joe not doing anything to find another job then collect unemployment… and that just doesn’t make sense. A Soldier knowns when their service is up, and can prepare appropriately, even if deployed, or recently redeployed. The average American, doesn’t… and typically can’t.
    Our country could really use that money differently. It all adds up.

    December 1, 2010 at 11:50 am

  7. “Because the generations coming up in today’s world … and listen to stupid rap music.”

    I nearly laughed my face off. Great quote!

    December 9, 2010 at 7:32 pm

  8. dustin

    I am a AMERICAN SOLDIER and this article is bullshit you classify (scumbags etc etc) because they get high or listen to rap music go to iraq and come back and see if you dont want to get high all this writing coming from someone that hasnt seen the casualties of war or probally any violence at all i watched people get there heads blown off and let me tell you something i would really like to smoke a joint and forget about some of this shit because I think about the stuff I saw all the time and its not a pretty site you judge something you have no idea about so now with that in mind go to your nearest recruiter and sign up for a tour and see where you are in 2 years good luck with your judgements and your classifications of people because there is a bigger picture out there!

    April 19, 2011 at 2:20 pm

  9. Whoa there Mr. Army Warrior Ethos. Lets slow down for a minute. No where in my posting do I say people who listen to rap music are scumbags. Whatever subconscious feelings you have about rap music may be manifesting itself passively aggressively. Might wanna looking that. 2nd, I would recommend reading something thoroughly through before responding. If you had, you would know that I have (in your words) “seen the casualties of war” and have seen more “violence” than I ever care to see again. And somehow, I (along with thousands of other soldiers who have deployed) have somehow… SOMEHOW… been just fine not smoking a joint, and some even minimal to zero alcohol. Stop using combat as a reason to substantiate your lack of self control and smoke pot, or abuse any other substance, legal or not.

    And finally, I really don’t need to visit a recruiter and “sign up for a tour” (because you know… you can’t really do that)… for you see, again… if you could / did read, would know that I did go the recruiter several years ago, and haven’t gotten out since, well beyond your two year recommendation. I’ve embraced every year of the suck, and fully understand the bigger picture. Drug free I might add.

    I would highly recommend that you re-read this entry, preferably not under the influence of any kind of substance be it legal or not. If you do, I’m sure you will find your response to be just a hilarious as I found it to be.

    May 12, 2011 at 1:06 pm

  10. Incognito

    I normally would not agree with anyone collecting unemployment, especially if they’ve had several years to prepare for the civilian world. However, today’s soldiers (myself included) have sometimes spent their last three of six years deploying. Three out of the six years does not leave much time to find a job, attain any kind of a degree, or some kind of vocational skill. Although I have a master’s level education, it was all done prior to my enlistment. Having deployed and served, I can see how a soldier with a family would find it difficult to go to school. That being said, I think unemployment compensation should be available for those who chose to use it. HOWEVER, this does not mean it is an excuse to sit on your ass and collect a paycheck.. Those collecting it – Veterans or not, need to be working towards something tangible. A Nurse Assistant Certificate, Medical Assistant, or some kind of trade. In today’s economy, which exacerbates the difficulty in finding a job now’a’days, people – especially our Vets, need something to help get them on their feet… Your a young educated man, and you seem like you’ll go far in life.. Good luck!

    July 3, 2011 at 9:34 pm

  11. WanderingPaws

    Forgive me for jumping in here, but I have a question. When I was in service (ARMY), I heard that no one who left the military could get unemployment. I think it was under Prez Reagan that they stopped it. I did ten years then got out and went straight to school and then to work. Thank the gods I didn’t ‘need’ unemployment money. My question is when did they start allowing people who voluntarily left the military get unemployment again?

    September 12, 2011 at 5:01 pm

  12. Angelica

    So, the bottom line is… to not abuse Unemployment. Trust me…it’s better to use it than to use your credit card just to survive in the economy. I was in debt before I came back in. Now, I’m debt free. Thank you Uncle Sam.

    May 22, 2012 at 8:19 am

    • *Claps in applaud*

      August 13, 2012 at 6:32 pm

  13. Justin

    Whoever wrote this horse shit fuck you, obviously you are stuck in the military in def, so you see people…. Soldiers who can’t get out trash the ones who do… What about the soldiers that get out that have families that they have to support fuck the military living paycheck to paycheck and yea it is the military’s fault… The civilians off post charge up the fucking ass for rent and on post is a line of 500 or more and they give all the fucking officers priority so I don’t want to hear this shit…. Some people actually need the unployment and yes I have done every app ACAP has to offer and guess what they haven’t helped me a god damned but so go fuck yourself some old ass retiree or some other fuck tard

    August 11, 2012 at 1:29 am

    • Justin, No I am not “stuck in the military in def” – heh. I could get out and would have zero issues obtaining a job in the civilian sector as I’ve had offers from agencies to include NSA, so no… I’m not stuck, and I’m not trashing because I can’t get out. To be brutally honest, if a service member is living pay-check to pay-check to the point where they feel like the ONLY option is to get out – I can guarantee it comes down to poor financial management. Too frequently soldiers get too comfortable with a consistent paycheck that leads to living beyond ones means. This would happen regardless of what they did for a living, be it military or civilian jobs. For the record, there is no regulation that gives officers priority to on-post housing, that is just an unjustified comment. The list is a first come, first serve basis. (With the exception of soldiers returning form deployment). I have always been able to find a home or apartment to rent that let me pocket remaining BAH through all my pay-grades. Why? Because I had realistic expectations, and understanding of necessity vs luxury. And yes, you’re absolutely right… some people DO need unemployment, it is just my opinion that the majority who receive it… shouldn’t. And to be honest, by your weak argument, it sounds like you’re just “one of those”. Take a financial management class, and stop living beyond your means. I’ve had E-1 and E-2’s who I mentored to save thousands of dollars, both with and without families. Smarts…. you don’t got ’em.

      August 13, 2012 at 6:27 pm

      • Justin

        I personally do not need a financial class, one I already own my house yeah its just a starter house but I am only 26 and it’s my first house two it’s not first come first serve in drum and in bliss they have different areas for officers and enlisted and it’s by rank on where you live… I have an apt off post and am sickened by how much I have to pay here compared to what I would pay in my hometown for another bedroom and 200 more square feet… And you are right redeployers have priority but you are wrong about rank first think about how many e5 and below want on post housing then think how many houses there are then consider how many get it… In drum I was single up until the last year I was there then I was only there for 3 months do I just got an apt and pcsed but at bliss in 2010 I was in the 500’s checked back every other week by calling telling them I still needed one and found out every time I checked it was always 500 until the last month I checked which was the month I deployed I was somehow 600 I don’t understand this if you say there is no priority all brigades were either deployed or already here we did have a brigade come back during my deployment and now I’m getting out of the army with never receiving on post housing and signing up as soon as I got to bliss apr 2010 and checking through sept 2011… And back to the pay chek to pay check yea we live pay check to pay check but I never said we didnt save we have money in savings and again we have the house already not paid of course but will be paid off in 4 yrs… But the fact that you say we have plenty of time if I wasn’t “okay” in my finance sense then I would be screwed I deployed late sept 2011 came back July 6th 2012 ets oct 10th taking terminal leave sept 11th 30 days yes it’s enough to find jobs plenty of time but with all of my daughter medical problems we have apps up to sept 20th so that’s roughly 22 days to find a good job that will keep us financially stable without using any of our emergency funds to be honest why are you bitching about soldiers that get out get unemployment??? Do you not think people who have served deserve it? Or deserve all the help in the world? I do I may not agree that chapters should receive it you should have an honorable discharge but what’s worse somebody who’s gets out and tries to get a job or somebody who is laid off receives unemployment gets hooked to it and keeps it and barely tries to find a job or what about people on welfare that has never done a damn thing? But drugs, alcohol… And whatever else dumbasses like that do oh yeah shitty houses barely anything for their kids but 65″ tv nice ass car and money for smokes??? I guess what I’m asking is you don’t think people who have served honorable deserve it??

        August 14, 2012 at 12:36 am

      • Having a better understanding of your position, I would first like to say it is that it is quite the accomplishment owning a home at the age of 26. Regardless of it being a “starter home”, it is a home that you own. Something that a large percentage of the United States actually never end up accomplishing in their life time. So kudos there. While it could be argued that that if one has enough to save for a house (assuming you made a down payment on an assumed VA H-Loan), then it could be said living paycheck to paycheck was an option. But as financial situations differ person to person, I will leave that piece alone. Again, congrats on the home. But I do still feel, as it is my opinion, that a majority of soldiers tend to want to live a life of luxury. IE, the NEED to have a IPHONE on Americas most expensive carrier, using the 12V charger in their current year model car making payments they can barely afford, and driving through the drive through daily for lunch… Choices. About on-post housing, Drum is a high rotation post, and I know it rotates heavily with Koreas Area I which would explain seats being taken up, in addition to the other half belonging to people who never seem to PCS from the place. ha. And while I could go indepth into the whole housing thing, I’ll get to your main question. Do I feel soldiers don’t deserve unemployment. The short answer is Yes. Now, do I feel we as soldiers are entitled to it, NO. As previously stated, Unemployment for the Rest of Americans is for those who UNEXPECTEDLY find themselves out of work. As soldiers, we have the advantage of knowing when we’re going to get out and should plan accordingly. It is common knowledge that upon getting out, you’re not (for most people) going to walk straight into a well paying gig. Backwards planning, something all soldiers have been taught since basic training. As soldiers, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and a higher level of expectation, which in my opinion, has unfortunately developed into a mindset that soldiers are automatically entitled to everything under the sun for free. Do I think soldiers who are old enough to fight our nations war be able to drink, absolutely… but those soldiers (as all of us) are held to the same standard the rest of Americans are, just like I think unemployment should be. Unexpected and sudden job loss, especially with the US Debt. Now, it sounds like you’ve got your life together relatively well, and you’ve been prepared, saved accordingly, and made it happen, now again… do I feel everyone deserves it? Sure, should we all automatically receive it… No. And to be honest, as difficult as it may have been, I have all the confidence in the world that had you not received it, you would have found a way to make it work. Why? Because you’ve been prepared, and as corny as it sounds… you were/are a soldier… and you would and will make it happen. Would you have to make cut-backs in places… sure, and live for a while that isn’t necessarily a life of luxury, but sooner or later, it would all come together, and you’d be well off. Do not think I’m pointing fingers or making accusations or blaming anyone or anything the sort… I am just speaking my opinion. 🙂 And finally, entirely way too many soldiers abuse the system which is a topic I don’t think needs to be elaborated on.

        August 14, 2012 at 5:45 pm

      • Justin

        I agree with what your trying to put out about abusing it, I re read what your original blog was about this and it seems like your position may have gotten lost a little bit through it had to read it again… However I know that any and all soldiers who are retiring and who are separating needs to plan accordingly and trust me I did the best I could while deployed made sure I had pace basically primary alternate contingent and emergency because I do not want to lose anything that I have worked for an earned through hard ass work now with that being said back to the preparing not all soldiers are as lucky as me and a few others are… Most employers will not even consider you until you are either stateside or already out of the army like on terminal leave or actually out… Sadly with my unit we are only allowed to take 30 days even though we know that’s not big at policy to top that they are making it extremely difficult for us to separate with ease such as cq every other day basically with the exception of a few days off in a row I think the most is like 4 I will personally be on cq for the entire time I have left in the army not really leaving much time for interviews and what not and becoming a state trooper is also an ordeal that I should be allowed to do hassle free from the army my polygraph test is either going to be 400 miles away or 200 200 would be nice because I have already been told I will not go to the 400 mile one and I’m just giving rough ests about mileage I would need a pass to leave past 250 miles radius and exam is on a wen and I will be unable to take off during the week… It seems like yes we do have quite a bit of stuff for soldiers getting out and sadly it depends on the unit you are with if you will be able to do half of them… So for now trooper shit is on hold and I have to do work which isn’t a big deal just time consuming considering how many times me and my fellow NCOs that are separating are receiving. So while I understand your point, my point is it differs with each unit on how they will go about such things they could ignore you or others could intentionally set you up for failure.. And as sad as it is I’ve seen that all to much here in this unit the laughing stock of the infantry world and I would assume the laughing stock of the entire army…

        August 14, 2012 at 7:09 pm

  14. Roach

    Well, I think you make some fair points, but I’m still not completely with you. I will exept your point that Service members do have a a lot of time and considerable resources at their disposal while prepairing to leave, but that is not always he case. In order to accept that ALL service members have all the time and benifits that you described you have to say that ALL chain of commands don’t screw up the process, don’t allow their personal feelings effect the process and keep the service member informed to the best of their abilities. Given that we both have military experience, we both kow that’s not every case. I will grant you that the majority of cases go the way you described, but lets not create the impression that it is all cases.

    Now, in most cases about people using recreational drugs your right, they go nowhere, but let’s not forget that there are many people who use recreational drugs and are contributing members of society. What about these cases and how do you know that’s not what you are dealing with? If someone gets out of the Army (or their respective branch), goes on unemployment, enrolls in school, does recreational drugs and become an astro-physist are they still the scum of the Earth? Do the unemployment and drugs single handedly cancel out honerable service? Does that not strike you as a bit of an over reaction? I for one hold the opinion that after somebody serves and completes their time honorably, the rest of their life is their buisness. That person should be held with atleast the esteem of someone who served. That esteem may not leave a positive balance so to speak after whatever other activities they may engage in, but it is some esteem. They did after all, do something that the vast majority of the population of the country won’t do. That’s worth something isn’t it? Anything?

    Although I don’t agree with your position as a whole, I did enjoy reading it.

    PS: Nigger hater, your a fucking idiot. That is all.

    October 31, 2012 at 5:43 pm

  15. Ranger7

    I’d say YOU are the scumbag if anything and I can tell that just by how you choose to write. Maybe you should take your damn GI Bill and educate your dumbass on what actually qualifies as a drug. Your probably some arrogant fucktarded NCO anyway who things that the world revolves around your godamn stripes. And regardless if the kid smokes weed or not it sounds like he’s going to have a lot more going for him later on in life than you will.

    November 29, 2012 at 6:40 am

  16. Travis Ford

    When a citizen of the USA loose a job without being fired (I know that is non-legal, and a generalization) that person is entitled to unemployment under US and State laws. If anyone has a moral, personal, or -most likely pride- issue with accepting help during a time when the need to feed, cloth, and house your family is at a very critical stage in your life than you need to prioritize. Anyone who puts personal pride over family values has something backwards. Fact is that the unemployment rate for veterans is hirer that that of the general population, and we vets are unemployed longer (statistically speaking). So if you think, or if anyone thinks they have a sure thing lined up they better think again, and take that legal benefit to cover medical co-pays, food, transportation, utilities. You know – all the things you’ll need to get ready to get that dream job.

    Bottom line: anyone who is too good to take a benefit that more vets that civilians NEED is putting their credit, family, and possessions at risk. Hence the high rate of homeless vets. I assume the OP is doing OK with their retirement, and may have good job prospects, but that is NOT the case for many vets.

    This post is a detriment to all young impressionable ‘hard core’ military types who just need this kind of macho BS to forgo benefits that could keep them out of the poor house.

    My sources are the 11 ACAP classes I’ve attended over the last two months, my VA brief, and all my other out processing counseling.

    Get real. The OP opinions are not facts, they should not be treated as fact. They only represent on voice who may, in my opinion ruin the lives and families of lower ranking members who ETS.

    My ‘facts’ and sources are real, but this post is my opinion only, as it the OP. Take it or leave it.

    December 28, 2012 at 12:08 am

  17. Ismael Dominique

    Go fuck yourself

    October 4, 2014 at 8:12 pm

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